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Madison Baptist and Madison Hall Community

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Madison Baptist Church and Madison Hall Community

Authored by Clara Lynn Williams

 This book details the history of Madison Baptist Church and theĀ  wonderful surrounding community. Great care has been taken to
ensure the highest level of historical accuracy.

About the author:
Clara Lynn Williams grew up in the Madison Hall community. She left home  under the conviction that God was calling her to foreign  mission work.  She served the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board for  thirty three  years as a missionary to Brazil. Her academic and  ministerial  accomplishments are many and her life of dedication to the  Lord is  inspirational to all who know her.

Greg Gilbreath Books

Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property
the information age and the rise of a new idol

Authored by Greg Gilbreath

This short, easy to read, book points to a foundation problem  widespread  within the church. A destructive attitude has crept into the church and  we are living out the mind-set of the world rather than the  mind of  Christ.

About the author:
Greg Gilbreath is the pastor of Madison Baptist Church in  Jackson, TN. He  has served as a bi-vocational youth director and  bi-vocational pastor  as well as his current position as full-time  pastor. He and his wife  Shawna have been active in Southern Baptist  work throughout their 25  years of marriage. God has blessed Greg and  Shawna with four wonderful  children and one daughter-in-law.
They enjoy an ever-expanding ministry and celebrate each day as an opportunity to serve God.

Daddy Is My Favorite Word series of children's  books

Illustrated by Rosalee Jennings Gibbons, these readers for young children will help your children learn to read while reinforcing family values.
These books are designed to help your child learn to read and reinforce family values. We hope you will enjoy this book and the other books in the Daddy Is My Favorite Word Series. Most of all, we hope you will spend happy times, reading to your children!
We have intentionally kept this book series extremely simple. The words will be easy for young children to relate to and memorize. The graphics are also simple and we encourage you to decorate these pages with your children. We hope this book series will be a "launch pad" for your discussions and interactions with your children. We will consider this effort fully worthwhile and a great blessing if it helps you spend some time talking with your children about these foundational concepts.

Daddy Is My Favorite Word
Mommy Loves Me
Brother, This Is Something New
Grandparent Training
God Is A Small Word

Book One
Daddy is My Favorite Word
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Book Two
Mommy Loves Me

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Book Three
Brother, This Is Something New

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Book Four
Grandparent Training

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Book Five
God Is A Small Word

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